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2014 changes.

Wow! It’s been so long since I’ve posted. I feel like I abandoned you! Don’t feel blue, I’m still here, just going through a bit of change. So many things have happened, some good and some bad, but always moving forward (I hope).

For 2014, I want to change this blog up with an inclusion of video chat. Look at it as a video diary, where I’ll speak about a topic that I’m interested in or something that’s been on my mind. I’m really excited about this and have been constantly getting ideas that I’d like to bring to you.

A few ideas that I’ve been jonesing to chat about are…

1. Being a conscious consumer (you wouldn’t believe how much stuff a single person goes through…and where does it all go?)

2. Becoming comfortable with emotional vulnerability.

3. My own journey forward (with hopes you all can relate, too)

…and so much more (I’m literally have brainĀ flatulence…but I promise some cool conversation)

…P.S…I’ll still include product reviews to appease the masses.

My hope is to keep you thinking about your own self and your own life (and A LOT about how we communicate and interact with others) by giving you some information from my experience and ideas. I’m not trying to get all emotional on your asses, but truly, why the hell not?

Now, just let me get used to being in front of this computer camera, and we’ll be in business for sure! I’m excited!

Take care ya’ll!