Back to Basics

Everybody is familiar with the saying “back to basics.” Major corporations use the saying countless times when things get a haywire and business sags. Let’s incorporate that into your wardrobe. I’ve heard well-known stylists always referring to keeping things basic. So what does it actually mean to go “back to basics,” in terms of wardrobe?

Basics are that of quality, simple pieces. They don’t have to be insanely expensive, but you do pay for higher quality. My list of basics consists of well-fitted jeans/khakis, a nice shoe/sneaker, tailored shirts, slim polos and t-shirts, timepiece, eyewear, and bag to hold daily needs. Throw in some fun socks, undies, and seasonable outerwear. Color choice is always important, but remember that when you re-wear, people will remember a strong color. My advice is to keep it simple. Leave the bold statements for occasions (ie. wear that blood red polo once every other week). 

I’m curious why people invest on an item that they only wear on occasion? Your daily-wear should be where you spend your money. Whether you wear khakis or denim on a daily basis, invest in what you wear consistently. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on one pair of pants, but invest wisely in a brand that’s known for quality and fit and that works with your frame. Get to a tailor to have shirts darted, legs tapered (if you so choose), and waists cinched. EVERYTHING looks better when it actually fits your body frame. I cringe when I spot a man walking around in a suit that’s swimming on his body. Oversized-shirt ballooning out of ill-fitting pleated trousers, pant legs nearly swallowing up round-toed (ugh) shoes. Yes, some people don’t care about how they look. I give you props…ish.

My current wardrobe could be considered basic. I’m a big fan of denim, so I have a decent selection of jeans in styles and washes I know I’ll wear, and can match with nearly every shirt I own. Never will you see me with a pair of acid wash denim emblazoned with studs or highly decorated rear pockets. I prefer to keep things quiet. A great dark wash jean works with everything. I tend to follow the idea of “less is more”. I have stock-piles of white t-shirts because I think they looks crisp and clean with a pair of jeans and fun kicks. A great fitting colored t-shirt can be a knockout, as well. T-shirts can be played with, but try to keep the brand-screaming shirts to the tweens and teens. A well-fitted t-shirt can be sexier than even the most prestigious suit. 

Some people will argue with me about keeping your wardrobe basic, but for me, it works. Take or don’t take my advice, but please, get to know a tailor. They can work wonders. 


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