Let’s talk bad…

Let’s talk bad habits…both physical and emotional bad habits. I admit that I’m not immune to this, and I gather, you aren’t either. I’m not sure why I felt this was blog-worthy, but I’m going with it. 

One bad habit is my shopping tendencies. From previous posts, you can understand. I’m always scouring for the next “best” thing, or coolest gadgets or accessory that will “improve” myself and my outlook. Sounds phony, right?

What I know is this…don’t fault yourself for doing something you enjoy. Shopping is a time when I can mentally “check-out” of a situation and reposition. Sometimes it’s necessary when you just CANNOT figure out an answer to something. Don’t knock yourself for it. If you recognize that it’s getting out of hand, then figure out the reason you’re turning to this “habit”. Perhaps it’s a situation you’re fleeing from, or something deeper that you might want to look into further. I know I have. 


Another bad habit is my tendency to feel inadequate in situations. To beat down on myself for things I didn’t do, or past decisions, or lost chances. When friends or family talk about a great vacation, a job promotion, or new romantic encounter, my head immediately recoils and the inadequacies kick it. 

I consistently compare myself to others and immediately my mood drops. I can tell myself time and time again to watch for the triggers and try to remedy the problem, but like clockworks, the feeling creeps up on me again. I truly envy the people that are so secure within themselves that these feelings never ignite. Consider yourself lucky, or at least privileged. 


Pertaining to my feelings of inadequacy…I’m trying just become more content within myself. To acknowledge the things that I have done (whether big or small) and find satisfaction within that. For example, I may not have traveled the globe because of time, money, or personal constraints, but I recognize that I have the ambition to do it…so I trust in the fact that I will, someday. 

We all have battles within ourselves. Some we win, and some we lose. Our lives are not always going to be filled with HUGE accomplishments, but tiny ones that seem to fall by the wayside. Keep those close. Pride yourself with that…




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