Winter Weatherland

Winter is here…sadly, and if last year is any indication…expect it to last for 3 months…unless you’re lucky enough to escape to a more balmy climate. Why not take some of your holiday cash and get yourself prepped to weather the season.

A great warm coat. Necessary for the frigid temperatures here in the Tri-state. This year, I invested in a heavy down-filled coat that I know will last me for many seasons to come. Yes, the peacoats and driving coats are focused more toward the business professional, but for your weekends, or after-work, nab yourself a quality coat that looks great (NEVER too puffy), is weather-proof, and is relatively streamlined (remember…pockets add pounds). Also, stick with a neutral color like grey, black, off-white, or navy. You’ll thank me in upcoming seasons when you realize you really HATE fire-engine red, or hi-lighter yellow.

Photo: Andrew Marc

A decent all-weather boot is perfect for slogging through those puddles of water, mud, and whatever else. Get a boot that can carry you from the rainy-days of Autumn to the Spring showers of April. A heavy snow-boot is great for a blizzard, but really isn’t practical for those blustery days in November and March. Stick with an all-weather boot that can handle double duty. Just make sure it’s properly insulated so your toes don’t get a taste of frost-bite.

Photo: LLBean

Right now, it’s about 10º outside. The wind outside is howling and just the sound makes me pull the blanket closer. Just think about having to go outside in that. Remember, fabric is permeable. You can bundle up as much as you want up top, but if you’re wearing slacks or denim…the wind will cut right through. Get yourself an extra layer, and invest in some long-johns. They’re perfect for layering as well as lounging. They’ll trap your body heat and keep you comfy cozy.

Photo: Calvin Klein

What are you waiting for? Hunker down…it’s going to be a long winter!


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