Winter Streaming #1

So we’ve all made it through another holiday season. Now is the perfect time to catch-up on old movies, and previous Oscar contenders. Why not? What else are you suppose to do on 21º nights? Gotta love Netflix (except for the price increase debacle).


Well, I started with “Marvin’s Room,” starring Diane Keaton, Meryl Streep, and Leonardo DeCaprio.The movie revolves around Bessie (Keaton) who has been taking care of her incapacitated father, Marvin. Bessie soon learns that she’s been diagnosed with lukemia and reaches out to her long-lost sister, Lee (Streep). Lee, an absent-minded mother of two boys (one Leonardo DiCaprio) decides, after much self-debate, to travel down to help Bessie. Hank (DiCaprio) is a rebellious child that’s been committed due to reckless behavior and a successful attempt at burning down his mother’s house…yikes!

The movie is both comical and deeply moving. I can see why Diane Keaton got nominated for a Oscar, and Meryl Streep for a Golden Globe. Keaton is absolutely lovely as he perfectly inhabits the dedicated daughter, while Streep masters the emotionally stunted woman focused on one things only…her job. Watch this for a great look at a strained family building the love again…and perhaps a tear or two. I promise, you won’t regret renting it.


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