Arm Candy

What I’ve noticed recently, is a influx of wrist “apparel” for men. More men around have adopted this looks of wearing a significant amount of bracelets. Well-worn leather cuffs, large “friendship” like yarn bracelets, exotic beads, and so much more. I adore this look.

Stacking bracelets, bands, and cuffs seems very “indie” to me. Now, you can take the word “indie” to different levels. To me, it says something about your style and attitude. It gives a bit of pizazz to a part of your body that’s normally just bare.

Bracelets are a cost-effective way of accessorizing (most of the time). Watches can be pricey, as well as bracelets made out of exotic materials with designer backing and price-tags. Metal, leather, beads, yarn, shiny, dull, matte or glossy. Most though are pretty cheap, especially if you’re not afraid of making them yourself. Women’s bracelets have become to universal that anyone can virtually wear them. Take a risk!

Start small and just add to a collection. I tend to never go too “dangly” with bracelets. Allow enough space between the bracelet and your wrist to fit a finger underneath, otherwise you’ll get skin marking…not fun. Have your wristwatch be the focal point and add to that. It’ll be bitchin’ before you know it!

Currently, I have on a Brown/Copper Skagen Watch with a sterling linked chain bracelet, a couple wild bead bracelets, a small braided band, and my yellow gel bracelet. I tend to add more if I’m going out. Friends have brought me bracelets from foreign travels, and I’ve obtained a few of my own from small boutiques or even from something I’ve crafted myself. Oddly enough, I rarely put anything on my other wrist…it stays naked. I tend to keep my bracelets on at all times…the beads can come off but my link bracelet and Until band take permanent residence, until I feel like it’s time for a change.

Whether you choose to wear an advocacy bracelet or beads, I suggest blending it all together. DON’T stack further than the first quarter of your forearm…otherwise it begins to look a tad overplayed and juvenile. Try not to accessories with silly bandz…Yes, they were a trend (mostly with elementary schoolers) and made it to the wrists of the kids-as-heart…but it’s time to take them off…unless, of course, it’s of a unicorn…then you’re just magical.



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