Barely Noticed

The power of product placement. It’s amazing to me how seamless yet effective it can be. What’s better than seeing an admired artist, host, or celebrity using and enjoying a product…and at least inferring it? I must say that product placement has either seriously increased or I’ve been naïve to point it out before.

Defined (though it’s pretty self-explanatory) – Product placement is a form of advertising where branded goods or services are placed in a context usually devoid of ads, such as movies, the story line of television shows, or news programs (Thanks Wikipedia).

What I love about PP is that it’s usually silent. No one is verbally endorsing the product, but merely entwining it with normal activities.

The difference, I found, between sponsorship and product placement is that sponsorship ultimately wants the viewer to associate this “certain” product with a movie, tv show, or spokesperson. Product placement is merely putting a product into a scene or shot where it’s noticed but not obviously apparent.

To mention a few recent music videos with great PP…It was recently announced that Jennifer Lopez made enough money in her “I’m Into You” video to pay for a second version of the video and include Lil’ Wayne, who was absent in the first version. This was all paid for by relaxation drink Koma, which Jennifer is seen drinking in the video.






Britney Spears’s recently released video for “Homage to Avril”…whoops, I mean “I Wanna Go” has her flashing a guy on the street, who has been pulled over in a redesigned 2012 Volkswagen Beetle. Remarkably grabbing the attention of nearly every type of audience that would tune into seeing her video, with only the slightest glimpse of the VW logo. Fantastic!




Lady Gaga (who is I believe could be queen of the perfectly placed products) and her “Telephone” and “Bad Romance” videos are smothered in PP, yet doesn’t distract from the purpose of the video or song. Brands like MiracleWhip, Carerra (sunglasses),, Burberry, and Nintendo Wii are all used or seen in her video.





I love seeing new ideas from advertisers in getting their products across to the masses, especially in our culture. Marketers will never let you escape it…they’ll find you, and brand you themselves…


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