Quick Love – Lands’ End Canvas Denim

When is comes to denim, I’m as cynical as a jilted bride…ok, that’s a bit extreme. I like high quality denim with minimal details, fantastic fits, and great washes.

I have to endorse Lands’ End Canvas Slim Fit denim for men. I was expecting to try these on, cringe, and remove them quickly…Oddly enough, I was pleasantly surprised. The fit was fantastic. Not skinny, but in no-way baggy. The quality felt top-notch, and it’s backed by Lands’ Ends motto. “Guaranteed. Period.” If these fall apart after first wash…away they go…though I HIGHLY doubt this will occur. No bejeweling or heavy-stitching on the back-pockets. Just a clean pair of great fitting jeans…It shouldn’t be this easy…but it was, remarkably.

The best part?? the price. Around $30 for a pair.

Also check out their pocket-t’s and cotton chinos…slim fit, as well.

Canvas is really on-trend offering shirts, pants, and accessories that are truly essentials for the well-fit man.


One response to “Quick Love – Lands’ End Canvas Denim

  1. How is it that I’m just discovering your blog this year?? I enjoy your writing style. I feel like I’m sitting somewhere listening to a friend tell me things. And I’m listening. Cheers!

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