A friend recently e-mailed me and said he was in need of assistance finding a summer scent. I adore giving my suggestions and obliged with a few recommendations.

I pushed him towards something fresh/clean/light. I sent him to try out a few standards that I feel will wear well during these months, from day to night. Of mention: Gucci Guilty, Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua & Summer, Marc Jacobs Bang, and YSL L’Homme’ Cologne Gingembre. These all fit the need for summer. A few like Bang, Guilty, and YSL will move you right into an everyday fragrance come fall (but who wants to think too far ahead).

Summer can be tough for perfecting your scent. Winter fragrances smell way too heavy and can truly weigh you down during the thick and humid dog days. You’ll end up with a horrible headache, and you may find friends and potential mates standing a few steps behind due to your stench. My apologies. Truly.

Stick to fragrances in the watery and fresh family. They will elicit a feeling of “just out of the shower” and feel cool and crisp on your skin. Light woody fragrances work as a great standard, just spray lightly during the day hours. Stay away from musky and vetiver fragrances. You’ll feel like you’re wearing a wool coat.

Think of fragrance as an accessory. An additive to your overall appearance.

If you’re insistent on not stashing your heavier fragrances, then I’ll give you a suggestion…ONLY wear it at night, and do not spray directly onto you skin. Consider spraying it in the air and walking through the vapor. It’ll stick to your skin, and will dilute the scent on your skin, making it more subtle. Darker scents can be quite mysterious especially at night but it all depends on the atmosphere.  If you’re planning on being outside, be warned that bugs will LOVE you up. Less is more at night, in the summer (true in many forms…yum).

All this is just talk, until you start spraying and smelling. Just keep my suggestions close.


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