Greatest Flop

I told myself this would be a sandal summer. I hear all over the men’s fashion rags that flip-flops should remain a “beach only attire” but I’m going against the grain. Well…within reason. No barefoot should touch a NYC street.

Havaianas have a massive following, and I never really knew why. To me, they just seemed like basic nylon-strap flip-flops in a variety of colors. A purchased a pair, and realized why they’re the go-to flop. Havaianas have a “special” rubber sole that molds to your feet over time and is supremely soft. The straps are more contoured than others, and don’t cut nor rub the tops of your feet into a blistered mess.

Designers and fashion know-all’s are jumping on-board with Havaianas to do special editions for the summer season. Missoni, Michael Bastian, Threadless, and even non-profit Conservation International have partnered with Havaianas to release limited edition prints for the streets.

Price-wise, Havaianas can be found in many retailers and their price are typically around $20-$26 for the basic “top” flip-flop and can rocket up to $80+ if you want to get fancy-Nancy. The limited editions are available online at as well as tons of retailers both online and in-store. (Psst…check out discounters like Nordstrom Rack, Saks Off-5th, and even Loehmanns…I’ve found them for as low as $6 a pair, as well as current limited editions at a discount.)

I promise you’ll love them. Pinky-swear.

MAKE SURE they’re Havaianas…knock-off have been spotted using the Havaianas name…I don’t know why…but they have.


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