Values and Morals

I’ve been watching a lot of WeTV…First they launched Joan & Melissa, which was so scrumptious (and quite tame for Joan standards). Now it’s Braxton Family Values.

Now, I adore Toni Braxton…all my friends know about my adoration for her. I can name every album, nearly every song, her ailments, her successes, etc. etc. etc. (Obsessed…perhaps). I will ALWAYS love her. She NEEDED this reality show…but sadly, from the first episode, she’s being pushed aside by her loud and brash sister, Tamar.

The show follows all the Braxton sisters; Toni, Tamar, Trina, Traci, and Towanda. In Will language, allow me to breakdown each woman
Toni – Fabulous.
Tamar – Rude, tragic, brat
Trina – Lush, heartful
Traci – Depressed
Towanda – Hilarious

The first episode had the cast travel to Bermuda for a concern Toni was performing for Autism Speaks (a charity she’s a spokeswoman for, due to her son dealing with the disorder). Tamar is PISSED because she’s “too fantastic” to sing back-up for Toni. Her life is fantastic because her husband signed Lady Gaga (for real). Traci is depressed because she didn’t pursue her singing career and wants to sing with the sisters. Trina wants to drink, and she listens to Tamar’s shit. Towanda is Toni’s personal assistant and doesn’t get a break and is overworked and makes it seem hilarious. This family is crazy. The drama is going to pour out!

Tamar is going to take the spotlight because she’s so brash, and rude and doesn’t listen or care about anything but herself and making it. I HOPE Toni or Traci put her in her place. Trina seems like she’s just a lush that’s a good listener and the alcohol’s catching up with her (next episode apparently…DUI…gurl).

I enjoyed the show. I will continue watching, but please include more of the other sisters besides following so much on Tamar. I want to know more about Traci and Towanda. Oh, and of course more Toni…


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