Sole Discovery

I love me some Converse Chuck Taylors. Preferably hi-tops. My biggest gripe might just be the nasty insoles they claim to have…which is just a canvas lining. My feet are particular, and desire comfort. After some research, people kept raving about an online company for proper insole fit into your Chucks. I couldn’t be bothered enough to order them, and needed instant gratification.

I went to a local Bed, Bath and Beyond and discovered a company called ProFoot and their Aero-3 insoles. They were affordable, especially with a BB&B coupon. After a few snips with the scissors, these fit PERFECTLY in my Chucks. I’m usually a 8.5 in my Converse, which can be hard to find. With these insoles, I can fit into a size 9 without any foot ailments, like blisters or shifting.







ProFoot Aero-3



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