GStar Raw NYFW Show

I got the chance to attend the F/W Runway show for G-Star Raw. With my favorite girl (and up-in-coming designer) in-tote, we descended upon Lincoln Center for the show. The only I thing I really knew beforehand about the brand, were their tough edge, and low-pocket raw denim jeans. After reading about elaborate shows in prior years, I was expecting quite a spectacle. What transpired instead was that of a snowy Central Park runway scene, and modern yet functional looks that take on the chill of autumn into the drifts of winter.

The men’s collection was reminiscent of old-school industry. Rugged workmen-like looks including leather, canvas cargos, and lots of denim. There was a plethora of strapping, from overalls to knee covers, to incorporated suspenders. Also in full-effect were jumpsuit in patterns and strong fabrics including denim, canvas and quilted cloth. The jeans shown were quite basic in deep indigo, with few featuring exposed buttons and cargo pockets for ample storage. This collection will really set one’s wardrobe apart from the crowd come autumn.

For women, the looks were all fashionable, as well as functional. The majority pieces were quite tailored, leaving nothing overtly baggy, beside a pair of jeans or two. Menswear-like jackets lay atop shadow sheer blouses, chunky knit shorts and turtlenecks. The jeans fluctuated from slim-legs to all-over loose. Leather jackets, pants, and dresses were perfectly fitted. The colors all remained dark with only a few pieces in winter white. Everything appeared quite proper without losing its warmth and edge.


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