The List

Just a small taste of recent discoveries that caught my eye.

  • Asics Gel-Lyte – I believe these are Asics answer to Nike Airs and almost all Pumas. The interesting design gives it a vintage look. Tongue-less makes them ideal for slipping on and off. I tried these on and they were extremely comfortable, as are most Asics.
  • Jack Black Signature Black Mark Eau de Parfum – I’ve never really used Jack Black products. While smelling around a local Nordstrom, I found ran into this fragrance. Not newly released, unlike his JB fragrance, but this was so alluring, masculine, fresh, and quite lasting. The fragrances features notes of leather, cedar, and coriander, yet it’s extremely fresh. Season-less.  There are 3 Jack Black Signature fragrances. Silver, Blue, and Black. Take a whiff.
  • Cheap Monday Tight Denim – A fantastic concept for denim. High-end jeans for a low-end price.  The fit is ultra skinny with LOTS of stretch. For the skinny-demanding crowd, check these out. The company was recently acquired by H&M, so expect to see a lot more of this line.
  • A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness – For the mature anti-twilight readers. Intelligent, fantastical and romantic. Period. Read and you’ll understand.
  • Members-Only Vintage Jacket – Perfect spring essential. Timeless styling…value-priced yet still moderately exclusive with a large color palette. Tip – Wear alone…don’t try to mix it up by adding a scarf…it’s meant to be basic.
  • The Chase – A REALLY great bad movie. Featuring the mess that is Charlie Sheen in his super-handsome days. Kristy Swanson plays a kidnapped rich girl. The acting isn’t terrible…it’s everything else that is. The plausibility is non-existent, and that’s what makes it so GOOD!

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