Coaching Strategy…

I had a delightful visit to the new Coach Men’s store on Bleeker Street in New York City. I’ve heard and seen the construction of this dedicated men’s store, and never gave myself some time to peruse.

I had received a promotion in the mail for $100 off any bag above $300. Looking online, I was quickly intrigued by the Op Art Leather Flat Crossbody satchel and a Thompson Leather Large Zip Top (both pictured below, photos courtesy of Coach). I am personally use to carrying a tote bag (love my Filson), but wanted to see if some of these “crossbody” bags would do the trick. I happen to find a crossbody more convenient, and easier to handle.

Both of the bags were quite handsome in person. The leather is rich and felt luscious. I wasn’t too fond of the color choices of the Op Art. The only two available are Tan and Black, while I was leaning more toward a Walnut or Whiskey color, as they have in other bags. They did though, have a similar slimmer messenger Op Art bag in a delicious dark brown, but I wasn’t feeling the flip access. Sad.

The Op Art was also a tad over monogrammed. The crossing C’s might be a tad overbearing. The shape of this bag is perfect, just offer it in a plain leather without the monogram. Even take a risk and offer a bright red or blue. The Thompson would been my other top choice. Many color selections, and the bag is large enough for daily use. For monogram-phobic people, this bag is perfect. The leather will age beautifully and can really be worn all year long.













The two ladies working were very attentive and quite charming. Answering all my questions regarding the leather and the care. Even offering to ship me the bag of my choice if I cannot find what I want elsewhere, deterring the NYC tax on goods.

The store was stuff jammed with gorgeous bags and accessories. Nothing extravagant, just a lovely store with higher-end products suitable for the man who wants a quality bag that will last for many years to come.

Coach, you’re quickly changing my mind about you…for the better.


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