See and Learn…

Eyewear has become quite a hot commodity, ever since vintage and hipster became commonly used words. Now, we’re talking optical vision wear, not sunglasses. These days, I’ve seen the most interesting types of glasses in stores, on the streets, and plastered all over the web.

Bold plastic frames are where the biggest statement can be made. They’re no longer garish, but interesting. They say something about the wearer. I feel like, for men, eyeglasses can be a great accessory that will garner attention and hopefully complements.

My vision went on hiatus in middle school, so I made it through the terrible elementary years without much harassment. By this time, I’m content with having to wear glasses. They’re interesting, make my vision better than others, and I appear intelligent (emphasis on appear). Yet, there are plenty of times where I have to stumble to find my glasses, or put in contacts to go to the gym or do any active sports. They do have their pros and cons. Glasses-folk, you hear my pain.

Going back to finding frames, whether you require them or not, is to take risks in boldness. Go for thick frames, in a brown or yellow tortoise. You instantly make yourself a tad more interesting. I’ve had the boring round thin wire-frames. Lame

Another way, I’ve read, is to take a pair of sunglasses (which you can usually find much cheaper than eyeglass frames) and bring them to your local optician and have them remove the lenses and put in a prescription. I’ve considered doing this to a pair of Ray-ban Wayfarers that I no longer wear. Just be careful. I’ve seen a few people do this, and the shape of the frame didn’t work well with the glass frame and looked silly.

Some brands of mention when searching, Retro Super Future, Persol, Ray Ban, Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Lafont, Shuron, Oliver Peoples, Dita, Blinde. All of these are more widely known. Smaller companies can usually offer more exclusive styles. Look around, you’re bound to find something.

Allow me to let you in on a secret of mine. Find a reliable online eyewear store. I’ve used and they are fantastic. I nabbed my current frames there with my prescription, for nearly 75% less than my doctors. There are some other sites that I would trust, too. I just went to my local optometrist, got a yearly exam, took the script and purchased online. The script will provide all the information you’ll need. I just couldn’t believe the prices my doctor was selling frames for. And bad frames at that! I cannot tell you enough to give these sites a chance, you’ll find yourself with a much larger selection of awesome eyewear, lower prices, and quick delivery.

If you’re hesitant to shop online, and want to get great frames with a price match, check out Cohen’s Fashion Optical. They can get frames (sunglasses too) of your choice in from a huge selection of designers, and they’ll even price-match. They can handle everything there like eye exams, contacts, and they’ll even warranty your frames. Another fantastic place to shop.

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind eyewear, without being ripped-off, try SEE eyewear ( With a few shops country-wide, they offer gorgeous French-made frames without the bloated price-tag. I plan on using them for my next frames. Another eyewear company that’s exclusively online is Warby Parker ( They promise frames and prescription all for $95. Quite unheard of when it comes to eyewear. They’ll even send you a few frames to try before purchase (they do that as well at Shuron).


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