rain or shine, snow or sleet…

Here in the tri-state, we’ve experienced a pretty rough winter so far…Winter, being only 3 weeks old, so far. Outside my window, we’ve racked up about close to 34 inches so far…with an additional 12 coming in tomorrow. Whether you decide to become a hermit and hibernate all winter long (most employed people don’t have that luxury) or decide trudge outside with the elements, proper footwear is mandatory.

Over the past few years, I’ve had a past co-worker tell me about their Sorel Caribou boots. Nearly indestructible, she used to say. One blizzard, she wore them in. The sheer weight of these boots meant warmth. Each probably weighted-in close to 5lbs. These are a intense pair of snow boots. Estimated to keep your feet warm into -40° temperatures. Now, if you’re in that cold of air, I personally think you’re insane, but you’re feet will be cozy!  I’ve heard rumors that Sorel has begun outsourcing production from Canada to China, and that their boots have begun to show it. I have a pair of both Caribous (top photo) and 1964s (bottom photo). The Caribous are clearly made for snow trekking. The 1964’s I’ve worn in heavy rain storms, light snow, and this past holiday blizzard. I personally like the 1964’s for being more versatile in styling and weight.











Obviously, the weather boot of choice in the damp UK would be Hunters. They seem to be the standard in rain/snow boots and have been feeling the trend. The standard rain boot has been lauded by both UK royalty and Hollywood elite for quite some time. I happen to like them just because they look quite sturdy and basic. For men they come in  low-key matte colors such as Olive (as shown), Navy, and Black. They come in different heights as well. I happen to like the short, because it’s simple and easy. I wouldn’t recommend these boots for deep deep snow trekking, unless you’re wearing super thick socks, as these boots are rubber.







I’ve been a fan of L.L.Bean ever since having my name embroidered on my school backpacks. They seem like a strong company that stands by their products. Their standard boots are called “Bean Boots.” They’re handmade in Maine and appear to hold up for a very very long time. I’ve been keeping an eye on these boots and intend on purchasing a pair next fall. The best part of these boots is that they come in different widths, unlike the majority of other boots.







Another brand I’m keeping an eye on are Emu, the actual ugg boot creator. Their boots are handmade in Australia. Apparel-wise, Emu just announced that they will be showing their collection line at NY Fashion week.

Boot selection for the winter shouldn’t be too tough. There has to be a pair that you’ve had an eye on recently, whether you’ve seen it on someone or over the internet or magazines. Just keep in mind weather resistance, insulation, weight, height and comfort. Then trek through the worst of it to your hearts content.


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