Surely sturdy…

For the past few years, I’ve been searching for a brand a luggage that I could start to build a collection from. I’ve discovered Filson. A fantastic brand that has specialized in rugged outerwear for nearly 115 years.

I really respect their values as a brand. Guaranteeing their products, unconditionally. I also love how the majority of their products are produced in Seattle. Though, I have read that they’ve outsourced some of their apparel lines, but still hold true to their values about quality. I believe them. Though, I’m still keen on their luggage-ware being domestically manufactured.

What I love about Filson is their tough quality, and amazing lightness. Even with the bridle leather and hardware, the bags do not feel at all heavy. They’re all quite lofty easily pilable. Though, recently, they’ve begun to launch different collections of luggage and bags, I tend to stick with the “Rugged Twill” collection. I’ve just really enjoyed the pieces I’ve had.

My first investment was the open-top tote. I’ve had this for about three years and it’s still in fantastic shape. The leather is broken-in and soft, and the twill looks rumpled, like a great pair of khakis. I still get compliments on the look of the bag. What drew me was the storage and the simplicity of its design. No bells or glitz, just a basic olive tote. Pockets galore, and a large capacity limit. It’s still my go-to bag for whatever I do. This tote is also available with a zipper-top, as pictured, for more security and cover.










The small duffle I purchased in a limited edition navy, from a collab they did with Urban Outfitters a few years ago. When it arrived, it was exactly the size I expected. Not too small, but not too large. I tested it out on a week vacation to Disney World. I truly stuffed it to the max, because I didn’t want to check any luggage. This fit perfectly above my seat. I would suggest this duffle more for a small getaway, or even a gym bag, but it handled my Disney vacation very well. A “weekender” might be the perfect term for this duffle. I tend to grab this whenever I know I won’t be home for a night or more. But just know, that if need-be, this duffle will take on what you ask of it.

Size-wise, the medium duffle maybe the largest I’ll ever need, unless I plan on moving someplace foreign. I got it in Tan (as pictured), and used it for a trip I took with friends, this past summer. This duffle is massive and easily fit EVERYTHING I packed and more. It even held 3 pairs of shoes, eight days worth of clothing, with room to spare. I was considering packing more, just to take up the excess space.









My next Filson I’m looking at is the Sportsman Bag in brown. I love the look of the visible brass zipper and hardware. It looks beautiful. Or maybe a Rucksack…The backpack looks quite dapper, I believe.

Check Filson out, if you get the chance. I can promise you that you will NOT regret your purchase, if you so decide to make one. I believe I’m a fan for life, because I’m sure these bags will probably outlast me…and I’m 25.

All images are property of Filson.


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