Let it Steep

I hate winter skin. It’s uncomfortable, itchy, and all you want to do is take ANOTHER shower…which ultimately makes it worse. Grrr!! The science of skin and seasons! So, I’ve been on the hunt for a body moisturizer that’ll moisturize my skin deep, keep it soft, is easily absorbed, AND smells lovely…

I’m asking a lot!

Meet Deep Steep. A delicious body butter that, so far, has met my requirements. I use to think “body butter” was a a ruse for ladies. This thick vat of creme that ultimately lays on-top of skin and smells like cookies and ice cream, without any benefit to skin, besides clogging up your pores.

While walking through a Lord & Taylor, I spotted this tube of moisturizer named Deep Steep. There was a cute duck-like animal, which kept me cautious at first. I thought “child-play moisturizer.” Packaging and labeling can be the death to a completely great product. I popped the top, and applied to my dry hands. The smell was phenomenal, and the thick formula absorbed right into my hands. I decided to buy it to give it a try else-where. The tube wasn’t expensive either. Around $8 for a decently sized tube. I picked the grapefruit scent, because I tend to like citrus smells for their gender-neutral status and clean smell. I also liked how the company states to only use natural products. Natural is a broad word, but I’ll take it.

After days of application, the winter-skin itch is gone, my skin is softer, and smells delightful for hours after applying. If you get the opportunity, give Deep Steep a try. It really solved by Winter-skin conundrum. There are a nice variety of scents and other products that I intend on trying soon. Search them out, you won’t regret it.


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