Darling Christmas

No matter what music artists try to dabble with holiday music, none will ever be able, in my opinion, to top The Carpenters’s “Christmas Portrait.” Karen’s voice is simply unstoppable, and the accompaniment is just perfect. The classic “Merry Christmas Darling” and “I’ll be home for Christmas” is where she shines. I love how each song simply flows into another, without hesitation. This collection is simply a gift. To me, nothing is more holiday than this.

I remember reading something about Karen, and how Christmas music was her favorite to sing. Sadly, I never really knew much about the Carpenters, only their music until recently. I’m in such awe of Karen, and it was such a loss when she passed.

Re-released a few years ago, a 2-disc grouping called “Christmas Collection,” included all the songs from “Christmas Portrait” as well as a few more songs and other orchastral tunes, like “My Favorite Things” and a reworked “Nutcracker Suite.”








If you’re a new Carpenters fan, “Christmas Portrait” is a fabulous start. Other true fans will find nostalgia and new favorites with “Christmas Collection.”


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