Fussy Face

I have to admit…like everyone else in this world, I’m flawed. I’m quite envious of people that have perfect skin. Taut, matte, and smooth. Jealous. Every since my teenage years, my skin has been a huge burden to me. Whether it’s too dry, too oily, clogged, or red…just a burden. But, it’s something we’re born with and we just have to work with.

Through countless appointments at numerous dermatologist around the Tri-state, alone, I’ve come across a brand that I find quite fantastic. Mario Badescu. His products are effective, basic, and affordable. I sometimes fear the word “affordable,” because it immediately invokes fears of cheap ingredients, and watered-down products. Mario’s are not like that. The packaging is basic, the labeling is basic. The ingredients are luxurious.

I pick my products up at my local Nordstrom, or order from Mariobadescu.com. I have yet to visit his spa in NYC, but I hope to come the spring. On their website, they also note other retailers: Lord & Taylor, Ulta, Fred Segal (LA), Henri Bendel (NYC), and BlueMercury sell MB products.

Products that I use, of note. The AHA Botanical Body Soap. Glycolic Foaming Cleanser, AHA & Ceramide Moisturizer.

I happen to like product with Alpha Hydroxy Acids because they remove dead skin cells, that ultimately clog pores.

The AHA Botanical Body Soap smells amazing. It’s a light fragrance that doesn’t overpower but leaves the skin smelling fresh. I usually order the large size of this, because I use it so often.








The Glycolic Foaming Cleanser is powerful. Only use it, at most, three times a week. Otherwise your skin will dry out. If you go to the dermatologist or get facials regularly, Glycolic acid really strips your skin of any oil and dirt.








The AHA & Ceramide Moisturizer is really lovely. I have combination skin, and other moisturizers leave my forehead oily. This does not. It’s perfect for me during the winter months. It’s a light, and easily absorbed.








Yeah, Martha Stewart hawks the products too, and I hear she gets everything for free. I pay…Luckily, they’re not too expensive. Alas, I’ve found a coupon that works every time on Mariobadescu.com. It’s only 15% off, which basically knocks out the tax, but it’s something.
At check out, enter coupon code: Bargains

Yes, like every new beauty product and regimen, you have to get use to it. Your skin will ultimately benefit.


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