Super Skivies

When I was a kid, I never understood the idea of long johns…They are tight long underwear…Over the years, and countless frigid winters have made me see that these really are quite a luxury. I use to only wear them when I went for my runs during the 5 long months of winters, we have here in the Tri-state. But recently, I found them more of a lounging gear. Cozy (my word), comfortable, and easy. Throw them under jeans, and you’re instantly insulated! I happen to wear them, also, as PJ pants.

I’ve found a few pairs that peaked my interest.

American Apparel has a pair they plainly call “long underwear.” Reading reviews, some even say they wear them out alone, almost like leggings, for men. I’m curious at how many people would do that, but knowing me, I probably would as well. These don’t look like your common long john. Underwear with legs. These don’t have the “access” pocket in the front for trips to the bathroom like most of the others do. These are basically leggings. They come in awesome colors, and I happen to own the green. Thinking maybe about cranberry or silver.








Gap created a pair that they call heat-generating long johns. They claim their fabric generates heat from the body…but doesn’t any living body create heat? If a fabric is super close to the body, it traps the heat…am I right? Every year around the holiday, Gap releases long johns, and they’re a sure hit, especially around these parts.








Underwear brand, 2(xist), came out with their ultra-sexy long johns. I nabbed a pair in red. A good friend of mine actually noted to me that they’ve enhanced his butt, too. I haven’t encountered that benefit yet, but maybe perhaps. Underwear brands these days, especially with men, are contouring everything for emphasis on front and rear. These are pretty nice though. I’m liking.








Now I’m still curious at whether people actually wear underwear under their long johns…! Keep warm, ya’ll!


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