Go Forward, Boldy

So, on Friday, I attended a sample sale/show for the Movado group in a nearby town. There were a vast amount of watches from all of the Movado brands ie Movado, ESQ, Concord, Ebel, Boss etc. The sale was impressive, but nothing really struck me in a “gotta have it” way. I use to think Movado was too modern for me. I tend to stick to classic pieces that can be spiced up. Hell, I normally wear a Timex, and change the bands when I feel so inclined.

There were some watches that I found quite alluring. The classic Museum watch is still stunning, but again it feels very “old school wall street broker.” There was a beautiful double-wrap watch, which I was attracted to, but they only stocked a olive leather band which didn’t pull me.

My previous ideas of Movado were soon shuttered when I saw a Movado Bold nestled under the salesman shirt sleeve. A gorgeous, young, large (I’m still talking about a watch) timepiece. Black face with just a touch of color around the benzel and on the sundial drop. This is the Movado that I can wear, not feel overly professional, and that exudes a new, modern, care-free attitude. Check it out. Available in both white (first for Movado) and black.

Thumbs up Movado!!


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