Let’s Spark it

From previous posts, you can tell that I’m a person who likes cozy…I’m not denying it. If something is cozy, it’s warm and inviting. I feel like I’m hocking another blanket here…

I’ve always been a fan of candle people. Whenever you walk into their home, or apartment, there is a candle burning. I usually feel more at home, when I’m there. So, recently I’ve become a “candle person.” I’ll spend so much time smelling and testing out candles, that my nose will either clog up, or just quit all together…

The BEST candles I found so far, for the money……..Slatkin

They burn clean, they’re fragrance-filled, and they’re affordable. Yes, there are some couture brands that create exotic scents with ingredients from around the globe, but why must I pay over $50 for wax that’s going to be burned…sounds silly to me.

I’ve become quite a fan of Slatkin, and here are my choices of best scents to create a lavish aroma. PS…all Slatkin candles can be purchased at Bath & Body works, QVC and through select online retailers.

My top 3 for the season

Winter – smells like pine and cinnamon, with a touch of something spicy…Super authentic to it’s name.

Winter Cabin – much like its name, this scent makes you believe you’re away in the woods, cozy in a cabin with a large wood fireplace. Delicious-ness

Leaves – my FAVORITE. Nothing smells like this…It’s so fresh and warm with hints of apples, and cinnamon, and mulling spices.

Also check out Autumn, Evergreen, and Fireside…also very nice







PS…Bath and Body Works ALWAYS has amazing deals and coupons on their candle selections.


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