Coat of Armour

I’ve never been a huge fan of bulky coats during the winter. The worst is when it’s frigid outside, and you’re cozy in your jacket until you walk into a sweltering store. What are you to do with that jacket? If there isn’t a place to store it, you’re stuck toting that bulk around with you. Especially in a bar…trying to find a secret place to hide it, without having to pay the Coat check…I know…I do it too.

I’ve resorted to wearing less bulking fleeces and jackets during the frigid winter months. While out a few days ago, I found this great Under Armour fleece. I tend to always size down for a more tailored fit. Luckily, this jacket has longer arms, and tail for taller guys (much like myself…6″2), so the Small fit me like a glove…just how I like it. I tried on the Medium and it fit me well, just a tad more baggy…

After searching the jacket online, I found that Under Armour offers fleece in a few different ways. The Hundo Jacket is the jacket that I tried on, and pictured below. They offer it in two different fleeces, depending on warmth preference (2.0 or 3.0). Choose from a hooded zip-up, 1/4 pull-over, or regular zip-up. The fleece on the 2.0 feels very warm, and was enough for me. UA is jumping on the jacket/fleece wagon and offering plenty to try to steal some sales away from the The North Face crowds. Check them out…I was very impressed



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