Smartphone Slick…

So, living in the Tri-state Metropolitan area, it gets cold…bitter cold, starting in November and ending in late March. During these five months of winter, one must take the necessary steps to keep fingers and toes comfy cozy. Let’s start with the former.

I have an iPhone, and I normally wear fingerless gloves everywhere (when possible) so I still have full access to my phone. Yet during the thick of winter, fingerless don’t really work unless you find frostbite fun. These are some sweet gloves. They’re soft, slim, and smart. I use The North Face gloves when I go for my runs, and they work great. These are even better! With a functional finger, you don’t have to sacrifice your phalanges to the cold when using your touch-sensitive electronics.

These happen to be called the “e-tip” glove and are available in retailers that stock The North Face.


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