Throw it on…

Yes, I’m aware. The Holiday season is upon us, once again. And I love it! BIG fan of the holidays. Always have, and always will be (hopefully). So I was thinking what’s something really lovely to get someone. Not too pricey, with great style, that screams holidays. Honestly, how many ornaments can you get someone? How about a lavish throw blanket?! Well, they are high up there on my list of things.

There is something romantic, cozy, and calm about getting someone a blanket. Yes, it’s just a throw, not a book of Edgar Allen Poe’s poems…but none the less. It exudes tranquility. Wrapping yourself up when you’re cold.

After some shopping (yes more), I found a few super choices from stores with renown quality.

Bloomingdales Hudson Park “Plush” blanket

I’ve purchased this blanket in “chocolate.” It’s so soft and cozy, I’m thinking of being wrapped in it upon my death. It goes for $70 in-store, but never expect to pay that. Constant promotions and deals will bring its true price to around $45. Limited colors, but worth it.


Nordstrom “Feather-weight” throw

Got this blanket as soon as I saw the price. Before any sale, it was price at a measly $38. The softness of this blanket is amazing. It’s thin and perfect for traveling. Especially for the plane or train, where it tends to get chilly. Gosh, you can even wear it as a scarf, it’s so comfortable. Now the price is down to $23, which is unbelievable. Get it. You won’t regret it.



Pottery Barn Essential Throw

I suggested this throw to a friend, to give as a gift. Currently they’re on promotion on Pottery Barn’s website for a very decent price. I’ve always trusted Pottery Barn for creating causal, luxurious furnishings. This is no different. The blanket is super cozy, warm, and butter-soft. I suggest monogramming it. It makes it so much more personal. In total, with monogramming it, this throw comes out to less than $45 including shipping (which is currently free on

Now, there were just a few choice of mine. I’ve seen other great throw blankets that were both super affordable and still lavish. My biggest concern when it comes to throws is their shedding tendencies. I fear when you go toward a more affordable and value-driven retailer, you lose high quality products. If you’re super-value minded (which I should be more of), I would direct you to a store like Target, Bed Bath and Beyond (20% coupon!), and even Macy’s (constant sales).

Get cozy!!! Yippee!

Images courtesy of their respectable website.


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