Ray-ban 4147

Ray-ban 4147I spotted these one day, perusing through a Bloomingdales nearby. What caught my eye, at first, was the shape and the oversized lenses. They’re an unconventional wayfarer. There is something about the wayfarer shape that I tended to shy away from. I tried these on, and they were perfect. A tad bit oversized, but the shape, I felt, complimented my face.

To me, these are my go-to sunglasses. In the throws of Tom Fords, Marc Jacobs, and Persols, I still grab these first.  They’re available in only a few colors, and you can nab them really anywhere Ray-bans are sold. I invested in the polarized lenses because my eyes are quite sensitive. In some stores, these are called the “flap-top boyfriend,” which sold me even more…kinda kitschy

If you’re looking for a Wayfarer, but feel odd with the temple shapes, I say try these out…even in passing

Oversized “wayfarer” with softer edges. Large lenses. Fantastic Ray-ban quality. Same throw-back feel of original wayfarer.
Price: $139-179

Much Love,
WC jr.


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